Hannah lives in Chicago, but she is a desert girl at heart, with her husband, twin girls, Ezra + Olive, and their winsome goldendoodle, Hadley. She loves queso dip a little too much. A photographer, designer, and creative,  Hannah is passionate about adoption and through her own adoption procress, she found her "people". She started this site to form a community where stories of beauty and brokenness, bravery and faith, hope and redemption can be shared.


Selina Hilton lives in Dallas, Texas. Married to her high school sweetheart Nick, a stay-at-home momma to Eden and dog mom to Charlie. She enjoys interior design, fashion, photography, and traveling. She is a foodie at heart, and is currently pursuing her new interest in yoga. She hopes you can be supported and inspired by how beautiful adoption can be with all of the highs and lows it come with.


Christina Vance loves mornings with lots of sunshine and coffee with lots of cream Midwest native, Florida dreaming. She's a believer in the power of dry shampoo, kind words and chips & salsa. Saved by grace and passionate about adoption. She's married to her college sweetheart and mama to 3 sweet, funny (and always wild) boys. Most of all she loves finding community in transparency & linking arms with other women to walk through the struggles & joys we face bravely together. 


Jordan Tate might be the most type B person you've ever met, and she most certainly cannot form full sentences before her first morning coffee. She married the boy from next door and she is an infant loss mama x2. She is also an adoptive mother to the sweetest little boy from Alabama. More than anything, she appreciates transparency and real talk about the harder moments of life.


Lauren lives in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. Wifey to John, stay at home mama to Luca, and their fur baby Australian Shepherd mix, Roo. She is a lover of coffee (most always with cream) and Mexican food. A Northern girl through and through she loves spending time outside no matter the season. She has a deep passion for adoption and the community she found through her own adoption process. She hopes this site will encourage, inspire and more than anything assure others they are not alone.


Kira lives in the hot desert of Phoenix, AZ. She’s been married to her husband for 4 inspiring years. She is a former Personal Trainer but is currently a stay at home mom with their miracle boy, Beckett, who was born at 29 weeks gestation. Kira and her husband are currently growing their family through adoption - Kira was also adopted at birth. Photography is her addiction and writing is her therapy. She loves to open up her world in hopes to help shed light and bravery at the times most needed. Kira blogs here


Rachel lives in the St. Louis area with her husband and four children.  Her favorite things are kitchen dance parties, coffee with a dollop of ice cream, and shopping at Home Goods.  Rachel is passionate about the intersection of adoption and race, sharing her experiences in her books and articles, on her blog, and via media appearances, including CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and NPR.   Rachel and her husband have been in the adoption community for a decade, encouraging others and simmering in hope, empathy, and education.